Football is one of sports that have billions of fans that love to play and watch the game. There are many footballs that owned and have big fans in around the world. The World Richest Football Club and Their Worth

The 10 richest football clubs

The Forbes magazine is rank for the football clubs that have great financial stability and net worth. The football club listed is able to changes the position, but this is can be used as big line for the richest football club in around the world.

  1. Real Madrid

Real Madrid is the football team that gets titles as best world’s most football club and richest one. The football club has best in team performance, finance and impressive qualities. The football club has becomes the 1st rank of world richest football in around the world with net worth USD $ #.645 billion. The club has owned by more than 85.000 members.

  1. Barcelona

Barcelona is Spain football that argue as the best football club in around the world that filled with the most loves and best football players include Lionel Mesi and etc. the achievement from Barcelona football club are winning 24 times LA LIGA titles, 3 UEFA Champions League, and 29 Copa del Rey Cups. Barcelona is owned by group of stakeholder and the team net worth is USD $ 3.549 billion.

  1. Manchester United

The famous English football club, Manchester United maybe becomes the football that arguably as most celebrated club in the world. The football club home stadium is in Old Trafford, England. The football team popular as Red Devils and this team have achieved their crown as best performing team in English Premier League. There are many titles and awards that achieved by the football such as 20 times Premiership Leagues titles, 3 times winning European Cup and 12 times win DA cups. The football club worth is said reach USD $ 3.137 billion. Real Madrid Rich Club

  1. Munich

Bayern Munich is the German team that has claim for 4 different spot.  The football is known and argues as the best football professional club in Germany. This German football club has won several titles include European Cup, EUFA cups and other awards winning over from the years. The football club net worth is USD $ 2.569 billion. Bayern Munich increases their income over the last season after the football club won the 25th Bundesliga titles.

  1. Arsenal

The other English football team that takes the 5th number rank in richest football club around the world is Arsenal. The football is winning 12 FA cups over in years and these include the 13 titles league from other awards. Forbes said that this football club net worth is USD$ 2.017 billion.

  1. Manchester City

Manchester City is the famous English football club. The team was owned by Ardwick Association football team before the name later changed into the popular Manchester City. The football club has collected winning 4 FA community shield cup, 4 football cups and 5 FA cups. The club is now owned by Abu Dhabi Group and the new worth is about USF $ 1.9200 billion.

  1. Chelsea

Chelsea is 7th rank of the richest club in around the world. Chelsea football club becomes the big players in league English Premier League. This football club has been immerse for glory at least for recent 10 years by winning 4  premier league titles, 1 UEFA Cups and 7 FA cups.  The Chelsea football is owned by billionaire from Russian, Roman Abramovich and the net worth is noted at USD $ 1.661 billion.

  1. Liverpool

The Reds is team that known as one of the richest football club in the world and ranked in 8th position in the world. Liverpool is team that play in English match league. The Liverpool is owned by share between Fenway Sports Group and with John W. henry as the major claim ownership. Liverpool achievement is by winning 5 European Cups and UEFA Cups three times over the years. The net worth from Liverpool is about USD $ 1.548 billion.

  1. Juventus

Juventus is Italian team that have home stadium in Turin, Piedmont. Juventus is team that argued becomes one of the most celebrated clubs in the world. The football club team has managed by Agnelli family. Juventus achievement in league Serie A win at least 31 titles and has been awarded with many accolades because the greatest performances. The worth from Juventus is said about USF $1.299 billion.

  1. Tottenham Hotspurs

The football club Tottenham Hotspurs is owned by billionaire Joe Lewis. This football club plays in English Premier League. Tottenham Hotspur’s home stadium is in White Hart Lane, England. The team worth is USD $1.017 billion.

How football club make money?  

There are several ways of football clubs makes their money. By earns money, they are able to pay salary for their players and manage the clubs

How football club make money

  • TV contracts. This is when foreign countries TV buy rights for broadcast the live football games.
  • When a football club sells their players, they will gain money from the transferring players. When sell high skilled and most wanted football players, it can be hard negotiation and expensive price.
  • It is normal for clubs in having logo’s company from their sponsorship. Large corporations usually want to pay football clubs for sponsors. This like as advertisement as the logo company will appears in billboards, jersey and many more.
  • Match tickets sales. Of course, when the football club plays in their stadium home, they sell the ticket match and gain money.
  • In the venue from football club stay, there is always stand store for selling the football merchandise. They sell scarves, hat, jersey, jackets, and many more.
  • Prize money. As the team wins the match or title from the league, they are awarded with prize.

With these factors includes, the team that blessed with high skilled and great performance of football player, have big mania fans and good contract with sponsorships and transfer can earns more net worth to manage their football.