The new skilled talent football players are always need for regeneration from the senior football players into the new talented players. Several football clubs has their own football school where they can find the new bit blood that has great performance.

Here are several rising stars from famous and notable league in around the world. From the leagues below, there are many incredible rising football stars that also noted and famous into transferring to international match. The new rising stars from Premiers League

The new rising stars from Premiers League

The Premier League is fight for the high talented and skilled football players. Here are the rising stars of Premier League football players that predicted will stole the attention in season 2017/2018.

  • Antonio Martinez: West ham United. The player has play in Spain’s youth team too and has contracted to London Club for 3 seasons.
  • Shamal George: Liverpool. Find a top class goalkeepers has becomes long issues for the club but the club has their own goalkeepers that develop under their nose. The goalkeeper is only 18 years old but he has already plays in Anfield for several occasions.
  • Regan Poole: Manchester United. Manchester United has struggled for the talented players for recent years. Under the management of Jose Mourinho, Regan Poole becomes the one of the few players that quietly confidents as developing players. This 18 years old players play in Football League in age 16 before becomes Red Devils swooped into former players.

The new rising stars from La Liga

The La Liga League also becomes reference for new talented players that predicted will stole attention in this season.

  • Jorge Mere. Jorge Mere is best mix of class defending and tough side. He always argue that have similarities such as Carlos Puyol defends style with commitment and measurement with danger and precise.
  • Mikel Oyarzabal. Real Sociedad.  The 19 years old players has been excited for long time as talented youth football players.
  • Lucas Hernandes: Atletico Madrid. The defense of Atletico Madrid has built his reputation with impressive performance in his age. He can plays featured as full back and center back.
  • Marc Roca.  Marc Roca can be argued as mini Xabi Alonso in his football club,  Espanyol.  He might not have the quickest feet,  but he has accurate reading game and passes the assist with the perfect inteligence and range.  Roca is deep midfielder

The new rising stars from Bundes Liga

Bundes Liga has hottest rising stars that has world class skills talents and superbs teams included. From the Scottish player into France and Germany talents,  there are many of them are rising stars in the league.  Bundesliga once again has bear the stars in green field. agen judi online

The new rising stars from La Liga

  • Lukas Klostermann.RB Leipzig.  The hottest full back player that show his impressive performance in Bundesliga.
  • Oliver Burke. In 2016, Burke noted as fee for 13 million for join with Leipzig and make him as the most expensive players all of time in Scottish. Burke join with the Germany football club after he take breathtaking from Champions League in side of Nottingham Forest.
  • Ousmane Dembele. He win award for best young player in top flight. He join with France Under 21 international and get top scorer titles with 12 goals and 26 appearances in one season. He recruited for Dortmund as this football clubs hunt the new rising football player.
  • Hallen Halilovic.  There are many clubs that propose Allen when he prior to move from Catalonia.  In Hamburg,  Allen develop and flourish his talent.  Allen has hit the ground of Germany football league.
  • Christian Pulisic.  In his age 19 years old yet,  he has join and play in United States of America and produce four goals in the season.  He start his career with Borussian Dortmund and create three goals.

The New View for Young Football Players

Yet, there are many players that get benefit from their youth age seem to failed move to senior because they have lack in frown ups skills. There are many football club that increase their efficiency in youth programs, they select talented players rather than the relatively age. This youth program can be a long term success for the clubs as this program provide stability and in same time, financial rewards. Here are several youth football program academy that popular and has result high skilled talented young football players.

Anderlecht has worked hard in the recent years for result top class youth football players. The notable graduated youth football such as Vincent Kompany, Romelu Lukaku, or Massimo Bruno can be a record for this youth football academy to recommended school for those who want to increase their skill.

  • Real Madrid.

The top class youth football academy ever is this Real Madrid. This football club has known for purchasing expensive players for the main team squad. Here, in December 2012 Real Madrid has 29 graduates that now are playing in 5 top European Leagues. Javi Garcia, juan Mata and Roberto Soldado are the products from this youth football academy that goes into top level football club.

Ajax from decade has been known for greatest European producers of youth football players.  The winni8ng of Champions League in middle of 90’s becomes the legendary record for their success of grown up home youth football players.  Although the club has experienced with some hard times in the intervening years, but the supply for the talented youth football players are not stopped. The graduated players such as Nigel de Jong, Wesley Sneider are just examples for their high quality youth football that has sold on to other club. They are remain for the result of what the club has result. (Want to know the best strikers in the world? Read Here)

  • Bayern Munich.

Bayern Munich compete with honor as best club in the world and with doing so, they demonstrate the strength of their youth football academy that develop in significantly in the past recent years. The current main squad team, Toni kroos, Thomas Muller, Diego Contento, David Alaba, and Philip Lahm are examples for the Bayern Munich youth football academy program.

  • Manchester United.

Under the former manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, this youth football academy has thrown attention for high skilled youth football players.  The notable graduates that also recorded as the best football players are David Beckham, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Danny Wellbeck, George Best, Bobby Charlton, and Jonny Evans.