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The World’s Richest Football Club and Their Worth

Football is one of sports that have billions of fans that love to play and watch the game. There are many footballs that owned and have big fans in around the world. The World Richest Football Club and Their Worth

The 10 richest football clubs

The Forbes magazine is rank for the football clubs that have great financial stability and net worth. The football club listed is able to changes the position, but this is can be used as big line for the richest football club in around the world.

  1. Real Madrid

Real Madrid is the football team that gets titles as best world’s most football club and richest one. The football club has best in team performance, finance and impressive qualities. The football club has becomes the 1st rank of world richest football in around the world with net worth USD $ #.645 billion. The club has owned by more than 85.000 members.

  1. Barcelona

Barcelona is Spain football that argue as the best football club in around the world that filled with the most loves and best football players include Lionel Mesi and etc. the achievement from Barcelona football club are winning 24 times LA LIGA titles, 3 UEFA Champions League, and 29 Copa del Rey Cups. Barcelona is owned by group of stakeholder and the team net worth is USD $ 3.549 billion.

  1. Manchester United

The famous English football club, Manchester United maybe becomes the football that arguably as most celebrated club in the world. The football club home stadium is in Old Trafford, England. The football team popular as Red Devils and this team have achieved their crown as best performing team in English Premier League. There are many titles and awards that achieved by the football such as 20 times Premiership Leagues titles, 3 times winning European Cup and 12 times win DA cups. The football club worth is said reach USD $ 3.137 billion. Real Madrid Rich Club

  1. Munich

Bayern Munich is the German team that has claim for 4 different spot.  The football is known and argues as the best football professional club in Germany. This German football club has won several titles include European Cup, EUFA cups and other awards winning over from the years. The football club net worth is USD $ 2.569 billion. Bayern Munich increases their income over the last season after the football club won the 25th Bundesliga titles.

  1. Arsenal

The other English football team that takes the 5th number rank in richest football club around the world is Arsenal. The football is winning 12 FA cups over in years and these include the 13 titles league from other awards. Forbes said that this football club net worth is USD$ 2.017 billion.

  1. Manchester City

Manchester City is the famous English football club. The team was owned by Ardwick Association football team before the name later changed into the popular Manchester City. The football club has collected winning 4 FA community shield cup, 4 football cups and 5 FA cups. The club is now owned by Abu Dhabi Group and the new worth is about USF $ 1.9200 billion.

  1. Chelsea

Chelsea is 7th rank of the richest club in around the world. Chelsea football club becomes the big players in league English Premier League. This football club has been immerse for glory at least for recent 10 years by winning 4  premier league titles, 1 UEFA Cups and 7 FA cups.  The Chelsea football is owned by billionaire from Russian, Roman Abramovich and the net worth is noted at USD $ 1.661 billion.

  1. Liverpool

The Reds is team that known as one of the richest football club in the world and ranked in 8th position in the world. Liverpool is team that play in English match league. The Liverpool is owned by share between Fenway Sports Group and with John W. henry as the major claim ownership. Liverpool achievement is by winning 5 European Cups and UEFA Cups three times over the years. The net worth from Liverpool is about USD $ 1.548 billion.

  1. Juventus

Juventus is Italian team that have home stadium in Turin, Piedmont. Juventus is team that argued becomes one of the most celebrated clubs in the world. The football club team has managed by Agnelli family. Juventus achievement in league Serie A win at least 31 titles and has been awarded with many accolades because the greatest performances. The worth from Juventus is said about USF $1.299 billion.

  1. Tottenham Hotspurs

The football club Tottenham Hotspurs is owned by billionaire Joe Lewis. This football club plays in English Premier League. Tottenham Hotspur’s home stadium is in White Hart Lane, England. The team worth is USD $1.017 billion.

How football club make money?  

There are several ways of football clubs makes their money. By earns money, they are able to pay salary for their players and manage the clubs

How football club make money

  • TV contracts. This is when foreign countries TV buy rights for broadcast the live football games.
  • When a football club sells their players, they will gain money from the transferring players. When sell high skilled and most wanted football players, it can be hard negotiation and expensive price.
  • It is normal for clubs in having logo’s company from their sponsorship. Large corporations usually want to pay football clubs for sponsors. This like as advertisement as the logo company will appears in billboards, jersey and many more.
  • Match tickets sales. Of course, when the football club plays in their stadium home, they sell the ticket match and gain money.
  • In the venue from football club stay, there is always stand store for selling the football merchandise. They sell scarves, hat, jersey, jackets, and many more.
  • Prize money. As the team wins the match or title from the league, they are awarded with prize.

With these factors includes, the team that blessed with high skilled and great performance of football player, have big mania fans and good contract with sponsorships and transfer can earns more net worth to manage their football.

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7 Interesting Facts about UEFA Champions League That You Should Know

One of the fiercest competitions in the history of football is the UEFA Champions League. To this day, this competition has its own special spot in every football fans around the world. The competition is going to coronate the strongest European football club. Since the center of football competitions are all located in Europe, say for example: English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, and so on, it is safe to say that the competition of UEFA Champions League is going to offer some of the best matches between the finest football clubs across Europe. For those who claim to be the fans of UEFA Champions League, they should know some facts about the competition. Below are 7 interesting facts about the UEFA Champions League that everyone should know. 7 Interesting Facts about UEFA Champions League That You Should Know

  • Half-a-Century Already

If you think that the UEFA Champions League is a new competition, you should recheck the fact. This competition has been around for more than 50 years. In fact, the UEFA Champions League was first established in 1955. Back then, it was known as the European Champion Clubs’ Cup. The very first competition was participated by a very few clubs. However, since the reputation of the competition got better and better every year, today the competition is crowned as the most elite football competition across Europe, even the world. The current format of the competition that we know today is relatively new. It was established in 1992, more than 35 years after the first competition.

  • The Very First Winner

The very first winner of the UEFA Champions League is none other than Real Madrid. This Spanish elite football club was indeed the first team to ever claim the title of Champions League winner. It happened in 1955-56 where Real Madrid dominated the competition and came out as the champion. To this day, Real Madrid is also the most successful team in the history of UEFA Champions League by becoming the winner of this competition for 11 times in total. Their first win is in 1955 and their most current triumph is in the season of 2016-2017. sbobet casino

  • The Most Successful Country

As we all know, the UEFA Champions League competition is followed by European football clubs coming from various countries, such as England, Spain, Germany, and so on. So far, the most successful country in the competition is Spain. According to the history of the competition, Spanish football clubs have won the competition for 15 times. The Spanish football clubs often seize the champion title are Real Madrid and Barcelona for sure. Beside Spain, England and Italy are also considered to be successful countries in the competition. Both England and Italy have won the competition for a total of 12 times. After those two countries, Germany comes next with 7 champion titles. Football clubs from countries like the Netherland and Portugal win the competition for at least 5 times. The Most Successful Country

  • Bad Luck Finalists

Being featured in the UEFA Champions League final is an impressive achievement. That is why every football club fighting in the UEFA Champions League always set their goal to reach the final and win the competition. However, there are two teams that have lost quite frequently when they are featured in the final match. They have lost more final matches than they have won it. Those teams are Benfica and Juventus. Both Benfica and Juventus have been featured in the UEFA Champions League final match for 7 times throughout the time and they only managed to win the final match for 2 times. It means they failed to claim the champion title for 5 times.

  • Fastest Goal in The History of Champions League
Bafetimbi Gomis The fastest Hatrcik goal
Bafetimbi Gomis

The UEFA Champions League is surely a tough competition. It is full of the finest football clubs across Europe. That is why it is not easy to score a goal in this competition, especially when your team is against great team. However, this did not happen at all to Roy Makaay apparently. The Dutch footballer was playing for Bayern Munchen and he managed to score the fastest goal in the history of the competition so far. Makaay scored the goal after just 10.12 seconds. The most impressive thing about that goal is that the team Makaay scored against is the strongest contender in the competition (even to this day), it is none other than Real Madrid. The goal was scored in the match on 7 March 2007 between Real Madrid vs. Bayern Munchen. Makaay’s early surprise eventually put Real Madrid out of the competition.

  • Who Scored the Fastest Hat trick?

If you think that Roy Makaay’s fastest goal ever is impressive, wait until you figure out this one. Bafétimbi Gomis, a French footballer who now plays for Galatasaray, was able to score three goals or a hat trick in just 7 minutes. This is a record and by far, this hat trick is the fastest Champions League hattrick in history. Gomis managed to net three times when he was playing for Lyon against Croatian team Dinamo Zagreb. The match was held on 7 December 2011 and to this day no players have been breaking the record of the fastest Champions League hat trick by Gomis, not even megastars like Lionel Messi and C. Ronaldo.

  • The Most “Unfaithful” Player?

The clubs that have been participating in the UEFA Champions League must be big clubs. That is why it is rare to find a player plays for different clubs in the competition. However, this does not happen at all to Swedish megastar, Zlatan Ibrahimović. So far, Ibrahimović is the only player in the world to appear in the UEFA Champions League playing for SEVEN different clubs. Yes, not only one or two clubs, Ibrahimović have played for seven clubs. Those seven clubs Ibrahimović have played for so far are Ajax, Manchester United, Ajax, Juventus, Inter, Barcelona, AC Milan and Paris Saint Germain.

Those are the facts about UEFA Champions League that you should know. As a football fan, Champions League is indeed the most elite competition to long for. That is why you need to know all the details about the competition, including all the facts above.

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The Next Rising Star Football Players

The new skilled talent football players are always need for regeneration from the senior football players into the new talented players. Several football clubs has their own football school where they can find the new bit blood that has great performance.

Here are several rising stars from famous and notable league in around the world. From the leagues below, there are many incredible rising football stars that also noted and famous into transferring to international match. The new rising stars from Premiers League

The new rising stars from Premiers League

The Premier League is fight for the high talented and skilled football players. Here are the rising stars of Premier League football players that predicted will stole the attention in season 2017/2018.

  • Antonio Martinez: West ham United. The player has play in Spain’s youth team too and has contracted to London Club for 3 seasons.
  • Shamal George: Liverpool. Find a top class goalkeepers has becomes long issues for the club but the club has their own goalkeepers that develop under their nose. The goalkeeper is only 18 years old but he has already plays in Anfield for several occasions.
  • Regan Poole: Manchester United. Manchester United has struggled for the talented players for recent years. Under the management of Jose Mourinho, Regan Poole becomes the one of the few players that quietly confidents as developing players. This 18 years old players play in Football League in age 16 before becomes Red Devils swooped into former players.

The new rising stars from La Liga

The La Liga League also becomes reference for new talented players that predicted will stole attention in this season.

  • Jorge Mere. Jorge Mere is best mix of class defending and tough side. He always argue that have similarities such as Carlos Puyol defends style with commitment and measurement with danger and precise.
  • Mikel Oyarzabal. Real Sociedad.  The 19 years old players has been excited for long time as talented youth football players.
  • Lucas Hernandes: Atletico Madrid. The defense of Atletico Madrid has built his reputation with impressive performance in his age. He can plays featured as full back and center back.
  • Marc Roca.  Marc Roca can be argued as mini Xabi Alonso in his football club,  Espanyol.  He might not have the quickest feet,  but he has accurate reading game and passes the assist with the perfect inteligence and range.  Roca is deep midfielder

The new rising stars from Bundes Liga

Bundes Liga has hottest rising stars that has world class skills talents and superbs teams included. From the Scottish player into France and Germany talents,  there are many of them are rising stars in the league.  Bundesliga once again has bear the stars in green field. agen judi online

The new rising stars from La Liga

  • Lukas Klostermann.RB Leipzig.  The hottest full back player that show his impressive performance in Bundesliga.
  • Oliver Burke. In 2016, Burke noted as fee for 13 million for join with Leipzig and make him as the most expensive players all of time in Scottish. Burke join with the Germany football club after he take breathtaking from Champions League in side of Nottingham Forest.
  • Ousmane Dembele. He win award for best young player in top flight. He join with France Under 21 international and get top scorer titles with 12 goals and 26 appearances in one season. He recruited for Dortmund as this football clubs hunt the new rising football player.
  • Hallen Halilovic.  There are many clubs that propose Allen when he prior to move from Catalonia.  In Hamburg,  Allen develop and flourish his talent.  Allen has hit the ground of Germany football league.
  • Christian Pulisic.  In his age 19 years old yet,  he has join and play in United States of America and produce four goals in the season.  He start his career with Borussian Dortmund and create three goals.

The New View for Young Football Players

Yet, there are many players that get benefit from their youth age seem to failed move to senior because they have lack in frown ups skills. There are many football club that increase their efficiency in youth programs, they select talented players rather than the relatively age. This youth program can be a long term success for the clubs as this program provide stability and in same time, financial rewards. Here are several youth football program academy that popular and has result high skilled talented young football players.

Anderlecht has worked hard in the recent years for result top class youth football players. The notable graduated youth football such as Vincent Kompany, Romelu Lukaku, or Massimo Bruno can be a record for this youth football academy to recommended school for those who want to increase their skill.

  • Real Madrid.

The top class youth football academy ever is this Real Madrid. This football club has known for purchasing expensive players for the main team squad. Here, in December 2012 Real Madrid has 29 graduates that now are playing in 5 top European Leagues. Javi Garcia, juan Mata and Roberto Soldado are the products from this youth football academy that goes into top level football club.

Ajax from decade has been known for greatest European producers of youth football players.  The winni8ng of Champions League in middle of 90’s becomes the legendary record for their success of grown up home youth football players.  Although the club has experienced with some hard times in the intervening years, but the supply for the talented youth football players are not stopped. The graduated players such as Nigel de Jong, Wesley Sneider are just examples for their high quality youth football that has sold on to other club. They are remain for the result of what the club has result. (Want to know the best strikers in the world? Read Here)

  • Bayern Munich.

Bayern Munich compete with honor as best club in the world and with doing so, they demonstrate the strength of their youth football academy that develop in significantly in the past recent years. The current main squad team, Toni kroos, Thomas Muller, Diego Contento, David Alaba, and Philip Lahm are examples for the Bayern Munich youth football academy program.

  • Manchester United.

Under the former manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, this youth football academy has thrown attention for high skilled youth football players.  The notable graduates that also recorded as the best football players are David Beckham, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Danny Wellbeck, George Best, Bobby Charlton, and Jonny Evans.

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The Best Strikers in the World Soccer

Every player in world soccer will play for team with their very own role. Every player contributes to the team but the spotlight usually goes to the goal machine. Here are the best strikers in the world soccer that became goal machine for their teams.

Robert Lewandowski

Robert Lewandowski became serial scorer when playing for Borussia Dortmund. With his skill, Dortmund could grab Bundesliga titles in 2011 as well as 2012. He was transferred to Bayern Munich in 2014 and helped the club to dominate the league in the recent seasons. He is striker with pace and he is also hard worker. Before he moved to Bayern Munich, Dortmund had to part with another big asset, Mario Goetze who also moved to Bayern Munich a year earlier.

Wayne Rooney wayne rooney everton best striker

Many people had big question about Rooney’s abilities for scoring the goal and the answer could be found during 2009-2010 season. With more goals added to his game, Rooney was considered as all round player in the world soccer. He has combination of awareness, passing at long range, hold up play, and dribbling skill. He surely became valuable player not only for the club but also for the country. His contract with Manchester United was renewed for long term in February 2014. One thing, his great career years can be seen out at Manchester United.

Diego Costa

A tug war between Brazil and Spain was triggered during 2012-2013 season for getting the service from Diego Costa. Costa played for Spain as striker who became nightmare for international defense never played for Brazil that became his homeland although he got loan moves for several times. He made the fans of Atletico Madrid forget about Radamel Falcao before finally moved to Monaco in 2013. He played for Chelsea since summer of 2014. During his first season, he successfully awarded as top scorer in the club.

Karim Benzema

Karim Benzema has his best soccer career when he played for Real Madrid during 2014-2015 seasons. It is true that Real Team still makes Cristiano Ronaldo as dominant striker but Benzema are able to score 21 goals during La Liga as well as Champions League before he has to deal with the injury until the end of the season. Benzema is the striker with best all round skill and also pace to burn.

Gonzalo Higuain

Napoli bought Gonzalo Higuain from Real Madrid in 2013 and he became guarantee of goals for the team. He did get much chance at the club and national level although he must be compared to Argentina front line with mesmerizing appearance such as Angel Di Maria, Aguero, and of course Messi. He could show great performance although he could also show the wasteful one like when he was playing for Argentina against Germany during 2014 World Cup. No matter what, he still has great value especially since he scored 49 goals for Napoli during his early two seasons.


Neymar surely is the biggest star from Brazil. He came to Barcelona after leaving Santos in 2013. For the debut season, he created 14 goals for Barcelona. During 2014 World Cup, Neymar surely became revelation for Brazil’s national team. He was ruled out of the World Cup in the stage of quarter final after playing high challenge from Juan Zuniga from Colombia. He was gifted with pace, finish, and technique. Many people compared his playing style to Pele but it seems like he claimed that he has similar style with Garrincha.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

People always think of Zlatan Ibrahimovich as controversial players. In fact, he does much talking on and off the field. He had disappointing season when playing for Barcelona under Pep Guardiola but it seems like he had great success no matter where he went. He won the title in France, Spain, Italy, and Holland. He does not have impressive performance in Champions League yet but in the last year of his professional soccer career, Ibrahimovich still shown his best performance in the final third.

Sergio Aguero

Compared to other strikers, Sergio Aguero gives away a lot in weight and height. However, he has other qualities including the predatory finishing like Romario. People in Argentina even called him as the new Maradona because of his impressive performance. He scored goals when playing for Argentina against Spain and England. He got El Kun as nickname and it was taken from the character in Japanese anime that has similar hair and same name. He played for Atletico Madrid before he moved to Manchester City in 2011 summer. He created winning goal when playing against Queens Park Ranger and win the title in 2012.

Luis Suarez 

Luis Suarez was considered as controversial front man of Barcelona but people must admit that he is striker with most technically gifted in the world soccer. He does not only have excellent first touch but also great technique all round. Barcelona had to persuade Liverpool with $130 million to let go Suarez in 2014. After the biting scandal, he was banned for playing a while. After Christmas, he played greatly and help Barcelona to win the treble of Copa del Rey, Liga, and of course Champions League with his goal when playing against Juventus in the final.


It seems like Lionel Messi name will always appear when people are talking about the best player ever in the world. His achievement in the world soccer is impressive because he achieved the world player of the year award four times. Messi also became the record goal scorer in Barcelona. He played in the front three of Barcelona team although he is not type of out and out striker. A new world record was made in 2011-2012 seasons by making 73 goals in one season. He played greatly along with his team mates in Barcelona. More importantly, he is a hard worker as well. However, he was criticized often by the media and fans because of his indifference for Argentina. He played greatly for Argentina during 2014 World Cup but he could not send his national team to victory.

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