One of the fiercest competitions in the history of football is the UEFA Champions League. To this day, this competition has its own special spot in every football fans around the world. The competition is going to coronate the strongest European football club. Since the center of football competitions are all located in Europe, say for example: English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, and so on, it is safe to say that the competition of UEFA Champions League is going to offer some of the best matches between the finest football clubs across Europe. For those who claim to be the fans of UEFA Champions League, they should know some facts about the competition. Below are 7 interesting facts about the UEFA Champions League that everyone should know. 7 Interesting Facts about UEFA Champions League That You Should Know

  • Half-a-Century Already

If you think that the UEFA Champions League is a new competition, you should recheck the fact. This competition has been around for more than 50 years. In fact, the UEFA Champions League was first established in 1955. Back then, it was known as the European Champion Clubs’ Cup. The very first competition was participated by a very few clubs. However, since the reputation of the competition got better and better every year, today the competition is crowned as the most elite football competition across Europe, even the world. The current format of the competition that we know today is relatively new. It was established in 1992, more than 35 years after the first competition.

  • The Very First Winner

The very first winner of the UEFA Champions League is none other than Real Madrid. This Spanish elite football club was indeed the first team to ever claim the title of Champions League winner. It happened in 1955-56 where Real Madrid dominated the competition and came out as the champion. To this day, Real Madrid is also the most successful team in the history of UEFA Champions League by becoming the winner of this competition for 11 times in total. Their first win is in 1955 and their most current triumph is in the season of 2016-2017. sbobet casino

  • The Most Successful Country

As we all know, the UEFA Champions League competition is followed by European football clubs coming from various countries, such as England, Spain, Germany, and so on. So far, the most successful country in the competition is Spain. According to the history of the competition, Spanish football clubs have won the competition for 15 times. The Spanish football clubs often seize the champion title are Real Madrid and Barcelona for sure. Beside Spain, England and Italy are also considered to be successful countries in the competition. Both England and Italy have won the competition for a total of 12 times. After those two countries, Germany comes next with 7 champion titles. Football clubs from countries like the Netherland and Portugal win the competition for at least 5 times. The Most Successful Country

  • Bad Luck Finalists

Being featured in the UEFA Champions League final is an impressive achievement. That is why every football club fighting in the UEFA Champions League always set their goal to reach the final and win the competition. However, there are two teams that have lost quite frequently when they are featured in the final match. They have lost more final matches than they have won it. Those teams are Benfica and Juventus. Both Benfica and Juventus have been featured in the UEFA Champions League final match for 7 times throughout the time and they only managed to win the final match for 2 times. It means they failed to claim the champion title for 5 times.

  • Fastest Goal in The History of Champions League
Bafetimbi Gomis The fastest Hatrcik goal
Bafetimbi Gomis

The UEFA Champions League is surely a tough competition. It is full of the finest football clubs across Europe. That is why it is not easy to score a goal in this competition, especially when your team is against great team. However, this did not happen at all to Roy Makaay apparently. The Dutch footballer was playing for Bayern Munchen and he managed to score the fastest goal in the history of the competition so far. Makaay scored the goal after just 10.12 seconds. The most impressive thing about that goal is that the team Makaay scored against is the strongest contender in the competition (even to this day), it is none other than Real Madrid. The goal was scored in the match on 7 March 2007 between Real Madrid vs. Bayern Munchen. Makaay’s early surprise eventually put Real Madrid out of the competition.

  • Who Scored the Fastest Hat trick?

If you think that Roy Makaay’s fastest goal ever is impressive, wait until you figure out this one. Bafétimbi Gomis, a French footballer who now plays for Galatasaray, was able to score three goals or a hat trick in just 7 minutes. This is a record and by far, this hat trick is the fastest Champions League hattrick in history. Gomis managed to net three times when he was playing for Lyon against Croatian team Dinamo Zagreb. The match was held on 7 December 2011 and to this day no players have been breaking the record of the fastest Champions League hat trick by Gomis, not even megastars like Lionel Messi and C. Ronaldo.

  • The Most “Unfaithful” Player?

The clubs that have been participating in the UEFA Champions League must be big clubs. That is why it is rare to find a player plays for different clubs in the competition. However, this does not happen at all to Swedish megastar, Zlatan Ibrahimović. So far, Ibrahimović is the only player in the world to appear in the UEFA Champions League playing for SEVEN different clubs. Yes, not only one or two clubs, Ibrahimović have played for seven clubs. Those seven clubs Ibrahimović have played for so far are Ajax, Manchester United, Ajax, Juventus, Inter, Barcelona, AC Milan and Paris Saint Germain.

Those are the facts about UEFA Champions League that you should know. As a football fan, Champions League is indeed the most elite competition to long for. That is why you need to know all the details about the competition, including all the facts above.